Writing Task 1



  The plans show changes of a school in 1985 and now.

  The two pictures demonstrate the changes of a particular school between the year 1985 and now 2018.

  In 1985, there were two car parks. The smaller one was on the left next to classrooms, and the larger one was connected with playing fields by a road. However, there is no road linking the bigger car park with playing fields nowadays.

  For the time being, learning resources centre and computer room have taken place of the library in 1985. What’s more, the smaller car par has been currently replaced by trees and the size of playing fields has been reduced. In addition to this, much space of playing fields has been used for the construction of pool and fitness room. Furthermore, the number of both classrooms and classroom block has increased by 1.

  Overall, the school has made more classrooms and activity facilities, such as pool and fitness room, to meet the demand of an increasing number of students from 1500 to 2300.