定語譯為主語a. If there should be any last-minute change in the sialing time, we‘ll contact you by telephone.開船時間假如臨時有更改,我們會用電話通知你。


b. In many countries, free-port areas or foreign-trade zones have been established, where   foreign   merchants need not pay tariffs fort their unloaded goods if the goods remain within these areas or zones.許多國家都建立了自由港和保稅區,在那里,外國商人只要是在本區內,未卸船的貨物可以不納稅。

c. The average temperature in summeris as hight as 35C.   One can not be pleasant living in that place.夏天的平均溫度高達攝氏35C,生活在那里不可能舒服。

d. A good many new books were published by the Foreign Language Press last year.外文出版社去年出版了許多新書。

謂語譯為主語e. When a material is stressed byong the elastic limit a permaent deformation results.當一種材料的應力超過彈性極限時,就會產生永久變形。

表語譯為主語f. Television is different from radio in that its sends and receives pictures.電視和無線電的不同點在于電視能收發圖象。

賓語轉譯成主語g.  The wise buyer finds ways to make sure that wrong thinking is not allowed to interfere with careful planning in this purchases.(明智的購買者盡量做到購買時不讓錯誤的想法干擾。)

His father flew into rage with what he had done.(他的所作所為讓他的父親大為光火。)

被動 語態一般是,主謂語的位子翻譯成漢語時需要顛倒,即原來的主語作賓語:

h.Drastic action must be taken if they want to reduce traffic accidents and air pollution.(如果他們想減少交通事故和污染,就必須迅速采取措施。)

i. I was totally upset by what he did in the exam.(他考試時的表現確實讓我很擔心。)

j  Asia was passed over by the industrial revolution.(工業革命沒有光顧亞洲。)


k.  We were moved to tears by the fact that he came to   the meeting in spite of his illness.(最讓我感激涕零的是,他帶病堅持來開會。)

譯成: “由”“把”,“使”等字引導的句子:

l.  His mother was dismissed due to the fact that she  couldn‘t type fast enough.( 老板把他的媽媽給解雇了,因為他打字不夠快。)

m. She was worried ,because her son had written for a long time.( 她兒子很長時間沒給她寫信了,這可把她給擔心壞 了。)

n. Wind is caused by air moving between cold and warm region.(風是由冷暖地區流動著的空氣引起的。)


The new rule is applicable to foreigners.這一項新規定適用與外國人。(表語譯為謂語)

There is a need for improvement in your study habits你的學習習慣需要改進(主語譯為謂語)


主語轉譯成賓語a.  After he was elected chairman of the committee, Mr. Smith was found working in the lab early in the morning.(史密斯當選以后,人們發現他一大早就到辦公室工作了。)

b.  Much progress has been made in computer science in  less than a century. c. 不到一個世紀,計算機科學取得了很大進步。(主語譯為賓語)How much risk does internationalizaion contain for national identity?


主語譯為賓語,狀語譯為主語The amounht of energy thus lost can be considerably reduced and the life of the macnine prolonged by careful lubrication.   小心加以潤滑能大大地減少這樣所損失的能量并延長機器壽命。

狀語譯為賓語Materials to be used for strutural prupose are chosen so as too behave elastically in the environmental condition.結構上用的材料必須選擇得使它們在周圍環境條件下具有彈性。

非定語轉譯為定語主語譯為定語a.  The service university is characterized by several features: the existence of professional    schools, short tailor-made course, contracting of services and funding by contracts.(大學提供服務的主要特征有以下幾點:建立職業學校、短期培訓學校以及提供服務與資助之間的合同簽定等。 )

b. The satellite system use this device in varied forms.衛星系統上的這種裝置有各種不同的形狀。(

賓語轉譯成定語c.  His speech on the current international economic situation produce the profound influence   on research work of that subject.(他的關于目前國際經濟形式的講話,對我們的研究工作產生了很大的影響。

狀語譯為定語d. In his composition he made few spelling mistakes.他在作文中的拼寫錯誤很少。

主語譯為定語,謂語譯為主語The communications system is chiefly characterized by its ease with which it can be maintained.這一通訊系統的主要特征是容易維修。


賓語補足語譯為狀語a. Don‘t you see it was just in fun ? You got it all wrong.你沒看出那不過是開開玩笑嗎?你完全誤解了。

The professor showed her much attention and gave her some private coaching.教授對她很關心,給他一些個別輔導。(定語譯為狀語)

主語轉譯成狀語b.  After that, his youthful indifference to studies and his unwillingness to think of a nonsports   career caught up with him.(在那之后,由于他年輕時候對學習毫不關心,以及不愿意考慮與運動無關的事情,他終于得到了報應。)

定語轉譯成狀語c. We need a dialogue which promotes our mutual responsibility to the international community.


d. We need a dialogue that prevents any single issue form holding the entire relationship captive.(我們需要對話來防止任何有礙兩國關系的事情發生。)

e. His lack of interest in the project upset his colleagues who were trying every possible means to have it carried out.(他對該計劃表露出了不感興趣,這使得他的同事們很擔心,因為他們正在盡一切辦法來履行這項計劃。)


f.  There is high probability that in the 21st century a good number of universities will excel in     service rather than conventional academic research.(在21世紀,很多大學極有可能會在(大學提供)服務而不是傳統的學術研究方面大顯身手。)


a.  I would like to draw your attention to those sides of introduction of information technologies  which can pose new problems for education.( 我想請大家注意的是,介紹信息技術會給教育提出一些新的問題。)

b.  The security and warmth of the destroyer‘s sick bay were wonderful.(驅逐艦的病房非常安全,同時,也非常溫暖。)